Speed Symbol

Simbolo de Velocidad

Determines the maximum speed to which the tire can be subjected, with maximum load corresponding to its load index, under the service conditions specified by the tire manufacturer. See the technical information table for each tire in the Application Guide for the tire speed symbol.

L - Speed symbol that corresponds, according to the table, to the maximum speed of 120 km / h that the tire can withstand, provided it is inflated to the correct pressure determined by the correct operating load per tire.

Tire speed rating chart

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Speed Symbol Maximum Speed
A1 5 Km/h
A2 10 Km/h
A3 15 Km/h
A4 20 Km/h
A5 25 Km/h
A6 30 Km/h
A7 35 Km/h
A8 40 Km/h
B 50 Km/h
C 60 Km/h
D 65 Km/h
E 70 Km/h
F 80 Km/h
G 90 Km/h
J 100 Km/h
K 110 Km/h
L 120 Km/h
M 130 Km/h
N 140 Km/h
P 150 Km/h
Q 160 Km/h
R 170 Km/h
S 180 Km/h
T 190 Km/h