Control Max

Fleet Management Tool

CONTROL MAX, a new solution offered by Goodyear that integrates advanced tire management and control tools. The objective of the system is to control the heritage through an RFID chip and the complete online management of the tires in real time from acquisition to disposal.


The system helps reduce annual tire operating costs by up to 15% * through: 

• Increased tire performance due to proper management,
• Detection of the tire to be removed for resurfacing at the right time,
• Identification of models with the best performance for each route,
• Quick recognition of incorrect calibration,
• Irregular wear identification,
• Possibility of reducing fuel consumption through correct calibration,
• Possibility of reducing tire purchases, among others

Control Max is made up of four easy-to-use elements:



Instrument for measuring belt depth, tire air pressure and RFID chip reading with automatic transmission via Bluetooth.


Online application with mounting, dismounting, groove inspection, tire pressure and technical event indication functionalities.


Online tire performance monitoring system: asset management, inspections, performance reports and maintenance alerts.



Individual and unique identification of each tire in the fleet. It can be used in tires of any brand for trucks and buses.


Estimate based on theoretical calculations, considering a fleet of 400 vehicles, 5% improvement in tire performance and 0.25% fuel savings.