As the digital economy drives demand for faster, more reliable and lower-cost delivery options in the transportation and logistics sectors, Goodyear continues to focus on enabling fleet operators to have and deploy integrated solutions to simplify their daily operations.

Everything is built around your fleet. Goodyear Total Solution helps reduce your operating costs, whether your fleet includes commercial trucks and buses, regardless of application or driving conditions.
  • We study and learn about your needs to create a personalized program that helps you reduce costs and increase your operational efficiency.
  • We guide your choice of the appropriate tires for your applications and conditions based on a detailed analysis of your fleet and vehicle operations.

Goodyear Total Solution covers the entire operating cycle:


With the industry-leading technological innovations in commercial truck tires, Goodyear is the trusted choice offering a complete line of tires and retreading products for any fleet application.
•Long distance
• Severe Regional and Regional Transportation
• Mixed Service
• Urban Service
• Off Road


A wide network of distributors and retreaders, strategically located throughout the country, provides comfort and trained professionals for the best service, with Goodyear standard quality
• extensive distributor network throughout Latin America
• experts to help you with recommendations, inquiries, sales and service
• dedicated to your fleet, large or small


In addition to products and distribution, Goodyear brings complete solutions to the market to achieve the maximum result in the operation.
  • Max ForceTrained experts provide everything fleet managers need to choose the right products by service profile and implement programs to help reduce cost per kilometer over total tire life. More detail.
  • Max Systems: Systems with advanced analysis and telemetry technology that optimize the work of the fleet and provide decision-making based on reliable information:

Control Max: for online tire management, with mobile application for tire inspection, integrated via bluetooth to measuring equipment for tire groove and air pressure, as well as RFID chip reading.

Tire Scan: Exclusive Goodyear technology that performs self-diagnosis in seconds of air pressure, groove depth, tread wear and axle weighing through high-tech sensors, maximizing fleet productivity.

  • Max Services:
    With a fixed monthly fee, Goodyear is responsible for installing a complete infrastructure in the fleet for the management of tires, in addition to the supply of tires, recapage, services, tools and online control system. All information is connected so that the company can track the progress of work, optimizing resources and reducing vehicle downtimeMore detail.
Goodyear Total Solution presents thousands of custom combinations for each customer. With the platform it is possible to simplify daily operations, maximize uptime and minimize the total cost of using the truck, providing a positive impact on important indicators for the fleet manager, such as fuel savings, fuel time, fleet maintenance costs and driver retention.

Goodyear Total Solution, platform of technological and innovative solutions to simplify the daily operations of your fleet