Tires by Application

Find the tires that could help your fleet reduce costs and downtime.


Greater economy per kilometer traveled

Paved and winding roads with steep slopes, where vehicles travel at variable speed, in cargo and passenger transport.

Camion en servicio regional

Severe Regional

Uniform wear and high performance on winding roads

Paved roads and streets, winding routes and constant maneuvers, where vehicles travel with medium low speed in the transport of cargo and passengers.

Camion en servicio regional severo


More durability and performance in challenging city conditions

Paved streets and avenues of cities and metropolises with constant maneuvers, acceleration and braking for buses and urban freight transport.


Camion en servicio urbano


Keep your vehicle from rolling off the road

Mixed dirt and asphalt routes, where speeds are predominantly medium and low.


Off Road

Maximum resistance on aggressive roads

Roads dominated by dirt and rocks, such as quarries, mining, and construction sites.
Camion en servicio fuera de carretera