Fuel Max™ for Efficiency

Your main benefit: Maximum fuel economy
Go further with less diesel to reduce your fleet's variable # 1 operating expense.
The technology behind the innovation is lower rolling resistance. The less resistance, the more fuel economy. Fuel-efficient, cold-rolling rubber compounds, along with a multi-layer tread design and tire construction, promote superior even wear for optimal mileage.
Keep saving fuel, over and over again. Our best fuel efficiency extends beyond the stock tread, with increased retreadability from a steel four-belt pack, for unsurpassed overall tire life. Fuel Max ™ retreads feature the same low rolling resistance compounds as the original tire, for the same cost per mile that made you choose Fuel Max ™ the first time.

Fuel Max™...is saving money to the maximum!

KMax ™ for longevity

Your main benefit: Maximum mileage

With 3 technologies in 1, KMax ™ increases the mileage of your fleet with the most durable tires from Goodyear. One of the technologies focuses on the rims of the steering tires; while the second focuses on compounds for traction tires; and the third features an extreme 3-part combo on all-position tires.

Together, they improve mileage performance while retaining the same performance characteristics.

Patented IntelliMax Rib ™ technology reduces binding movement by using rigid, interconnected bridges in the grooves. Less binding movement (AKA, less kink) allows for better pressure distribution, and better distribution resists wear. And the slower the wear, the higher the kilometers!

Complementary IntelliMax Tread ™ technology is actually a double layer of tread compounds. Its top layer compound is for better traction and longevity, while the bottom layer compound is cooler for less rolling resistance (which also increases tire life).

An additional Goodyear innovation, IntelliMax Extreme ™ technology, further benefits mileage through a combination of compound, design and carcass for high severity applications.

It all adds up: 3 technologies ... 3 ways to increase mileage ... 3 reasons to choose KMax ™.

Urban Max ™ for durability

Its main benefit: Maximum casing resistance.

Goodyear knows that some trips are more difficult than others. City service trucks and buses handle just about anything from cracked and crumbling pavement to cornering braking, hard stops, and quick starts.

Goodyear Urban Max ™ technology is made for tough travel and urban driving challenges. A redesigned groove geometry improves durability to help protect the integrity of the carcass and extend the overall life of the tires.

A reformulated compound allows the tire to run cooler to better regulate wear, which also helps your tires last longer.

The city never sleeps, so our Urban Max ™ innovation never gives up.

Armor Max ™ for resistance

Its main benefit: maximum resistance in the harshest conditions.

Mixed service is a polite way of describing some of the most demanding conditions your fleet may face. The same truck, the same tires, the same driver, they all have to go from fields and farms to country lanes and less traveled highways.

Goodyear Armor Max ™ technology is the powerful answer to the toughest conditions on and off the road. Strong armored tires are the result of advanced compounds and construction. A stronger tire requires a longer carcass life, and penetration protectors help resist cuts and punctures, while the reinforced shoulders extend original life and additional retreadability. The housings can be retreaded multiple times to prolong their use.

Tackle wet roads with confidence thanks to the tread pattern that helps evacuate water. That design also features an improved blade to promote more even wear.

Heavy-duty driving demands heavy-duty tire technology, which is why they demand tires with the Armor Max ™ Technology seal on their sidewalls.

High Elongation Wires ™ for added strength

Its main benefit: INCREASED strength for better performance.

High stress and heavy loads in adverse conditions can affect your fleet and your drivers. Goodyear creates new technologies to ensure that the tires in your fleet are prepared for real-world challenges.

High Elongation Wires ™ technology is a patented reinforcement in the tire tread that is extremely strong to improve strength and retreading.

The casing consists of four steel belts, the last of which is constructed of high-elongation cables. Multiple stranded wire rope bundles form a configuration adjacent to the molded wires for a stronger casing that improves durability. This also increases the elasticity and adhesion to the rubber compound.

All of that science translates into a simple a-ha moment, the realization that whatever difficult challenge your fleet faces has now been met with tire resistance.

DuraLife ™ for durability

Its main benefit: GREATER durability and retreadability.

Uptime is essential and downtime is wasteful. Keep your fleet moving with Goodyear tires made stronger and more durable with patented DuraLife ™ technology.

The improved carcass construction uses a "no wrap" cord sheet and new rubber compounds, along with a new bead area design, to improve the integrity of the tire and a better seating to the rim.

Equally important, for full tire life and higher value, is that this innovation increases the ability to retread for long-term use.

Improve uptime with tires featuring Goodyear DuraLife ™ technology.

Waffle Blades ™ for braking

Its main benefit: IMPROVED handling and grip.

Workhorses need both reliability and longevity. Goodyear Waffle Blades ™ technology provides an optimized balance between mileage and traction. To maximize traction, a 3D profiling system with a ball-and-socket mechanism helps provide better handling and grip.

Enhanced interlocking power significantly reduces lateral movement while increasing circumferential movement for improved steering characteristics and control. In addition to the advances in handling, more grip means less braking distance in the wet.

Your commercial fleet can travel longer with more confidence on wet and dry roads with Waffle Blade ™ technology.

IntelliMax Rib ™ for longevity

Its main benefit: IMPROVED mileage.

Goodyear's most durable truck tires feature a patented innovation designed to improve rolling resistance and grip in the wet, while reducing tread slip (piping movement or kinking) for increased mileage potential.

Rigid and interconnected bridges in the grooves for high forces when cornering have a positive impact on responsiveness. The best pressure distribution is wear resistant, giving your fleet more miles and more displacement.

This makes IntelliMax Rib ™ technology the smart choice for your business.